Aviad Kimche

Aviad Kimche is Chief Investment Officer at KIMFO Family Office, a multi-family office serving high net worth families and individuals from around the world.

With his 15 years of experience in managing global investment portfolios, he is responsible for developing KIMFO’s unique investment strategy focused on start-up opportunities.

KIMFO has created a startup launchpad venture program, leveraging its network of clients and portfolio companies to invest in, cultivate and accelerate disruptive product and technology companies.

This vision, which is unique even within the Start-Up Nation Israeli ecosystem, provides KIMFO with a singular view of new-age investment strategies and methodologies which are being offered to other family offices worldwide, while creating exponential value for both clients and partners.

Aviad has a BA in Economics and Business Administration and an MBA in Finance from Bar-Ilan University, and can be reached at aviad@kimfo-fs.com.

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